Millwright Services

Understanding failures is a critical skill to ensuring a reliable plant. Initiating steps to prevent and/ or detect failures well in advance is key to a successful operation. Effective, and precise design and installation Free roulette casino games of plant equipment and processes is where reliability starts. Once up and running, the early detection of potential failures will ensure your maintenance program is efficient and effective.

Our goal at DANA IG is to lengthen the I-F interval by the application of Precision Maintenance techniques, Condition Monitoring sensors and Condition-based Maintenance.

We will accomplish this by utilizing skilled, trained and experienced Millwrights and Mechanics and the use of proven Precision Maintenance Techniques like laser shaft and pulley alignments, vibration and balance play roulette games measurements, fastener torque and locking, infrared and thermography, effective reporting and documentation, and quality checks and control.

Our Reliability and Millwright Services include:

  • Precision Installation and Maintenance
  • Laser Alignment
  • Field Balancing
  • Installed Condition Monitoring Programs
  • Condition Monitoring Route Services
  • Infrared Surveys (Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Irrigation)
  • Ultrasonic Surveys (Air Leak, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Lubricant Analysis Programs and Consulting
  • Lube Route Services
  • Lubricant Filtration and Dehumidification
  • Fastener audit and torqueing/ locking
  • Surge Maintenance Support

free roulette games Our teams of professional skilled teams will ensure customer goals are met. From the onset of our relationships, we set goals and standards with our clients to ensure we can measure success. Once the customer goals are set, our teams take pride in ensuring our programs are specifically tailored to meet those goals. Periodic meetings are held with the stakeholders to report on the progress of the program’s success. This simple practice ensures that our teams are aligned with the client’s expectation and program goals, greatly ensuring roulette casino online that our service exceed the standard.

DANA Industrial Group is positioned to provide skilled millwrights and mechanics to perform installations and repairs to your production critical equipment; select, install and monitor condition monitoring sensors; and perform timely condition-based maintenance

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  • Turning
  • Fabrication
  • Polishing and honing
  • Milling

Welding and Fabrication

  • Equipment skids
  • Pipeline Fabrication
  • Equipment foundation
  • Structural Supports
  • Railings
  • Anchor bolts

Surge Labor Support

  • Maintenance
    • Augmentation of plant tradesmen
    • online play roulette Dana provided personnel
  • Millwrights
  • Mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Electronic Technicians
  • Welders
  • Helpers (Mechanic, Electricians, Welder)
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